Common Septic Tank Problems

Over the last decade, we have talked to tens of thousands of people experiencing common septic tank problems with their septic tank and septic system. Here are the most common septic tank problems people calling in describe to us:

Common Septic Tank Problems

Septic tank overflow

Common Septic Tank Problems – High water level in the tank or water bubbling up from the tank

People describe this condition occurring after the tank has just been pumped. This alarms and upsets them because not only is their septic system unable to handle additional sewage, but it creates an unsanitary condition in their lawn. Additional septic tank pumping is often performed without any performance improvement in the system (this can cause more harm than good for a septic system). Frequent pumping will not solve  common septic tank problems.


Common Septic Tank Problems

Sewage collecting on ground above drain field

Common Septic Tank Problems – Sewage water collecting on the ground above the drain field

This is a condition that people notice getting gradually worse with time and it is one of the most  common septic tank problems. It usually is accompanied by other  common septic tank problems (gurgling pipes or slow drains – see below). Again, this problem upsets people because their system sometimes can not handle more incoming sewage and it also creates an unsanitary condition in their lawn, making this part of their lawn unusable.


Common Septic Tank Problems – Septic Odor

People often describe a rotten egg smell emanating from their septic tank. It is offensive and prevents the homeowner from utilizing their lawn.

Common Septic Tank Problems

Common Septic Tank Problems – Gurgling pipes, slow drains or backups

People know something is amiss with their septic system when this common septic tank problems occurs. Although it still can accept the additional inflow, they know their septic system’s capacity appears to be reduced and they fear failure may not be too far down the road.

The top two  common septic tank problems described above are almost always a sign of a septic system that is in a failure mode. The bottom two are signs of a septic system veering towards failure.  The people calling us know this and often have been shocked by the cost of the recommendation they receive from their pumper, contractor or government official to fix common septic tank problems: system replacement.

Is your only option to solving any of these common septic tank problems a new septic system?

Well, first of all, you need to understand how a typical septic system works. Once you have done a little research, you will discover that common septic tank problems described above are caused by a biomat generated from the anaerobic bacteria environment in the septic tank clogging the drainfield. Fortunately, there is a proven, efficient and cost effective alternative to system replacement that eliminates the biomat and restores a clogged drain field. This solution utilizes controlled aeration to convert an anaerobic system to an aerobic system. This is the best solution to resolve  common septic tank problems.

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