Is My Septic System Problem Unique?

Is my septic system problem unique?

We receive hundreds of inquiries each day. The #1 statement we hear is:

I reviewed your entire web site and I think my problem is unique.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Nearly every anaerobic septic system fails in the same manner with the root cause being  the maturing of the biomat.

Your septic system may be 5 years old or 60 years old. You may experience septic odor in your yard, gurgling pipes, surfacing sewage, elevated tank levels, back-up of sewage in the home or frequent pumping. Your problems only seem to occur when you have house guests, on Saturdays after “laundry day”, after heavy rains, in spring when the snow melts … and the “unique” events go on and on.

Based on nearly 10 years of experience and speaking with tens of thousands of homeowners across North America, your problems are not unique! Trust me, there is nothing that would make me feel better than to solve your septic problems without replacing your entire system.

The fundamental problem is that you own an anaerobic septic system. With anaerobic septic systems, it is not a matter of IF it will fail, but WHEN will it fail! This was not evident in 2002 when my 14 year old septic system failed. I heard all of the same stories you may have heard from your pumper, installer, soil tester or regulator. The Aero-Stream solution, developed in 2002, restores failed septic systems through a carefully controlled aeration process that converts your septic system to an aerobic bacterial environment.

No company has dealt with this issue longer or with the focus than Aero-Stream has. We are constantly investing in research and development in order to introduce innovative products to our customers. The results have been outstanding and people have been generous with complements. Check out our customer reviews on RatePoint and notice how many reviews are 5 stars! We also have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

So, when you think you have unique problems with your septic system, call us. We have dealt with every type of septic problem with every type of system in every part of North America! We have have saved systems installed in all different types of soils. We patiently stay with you during and after the installation process, guiding and consulting with you whenever you think you have encountered a problem. We can help you; your problem is not unique.

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