Maintenance and Remediation with an Aerobic Septic System

Properly functioning septic systems are a naturally green-friendly way to manage household wastewater and solid waste disposal. These systems function in much the same way as the natural water cycle and use filtration and bacterial decomposition to remove harmful substances from water, allowing it to return to the environment in an organic and sanitary way. When septic tanks begin to fail, however, the environmental risks can be significant and may require immediate attention to salvage the proper function and management of these vital household systems.

Understanding the role of bacteria

Anaerobic bacteria are one of the primary elements present in traditional septic tank systems. These bacteria thrive in a relatively airless environment and can break down impurities in the system slowly over time. However, the action of anaerobic bacteria is often insufficient to cleanse the volume and quantity of water and waste that enters the septic system from the household. As a result, the septic tank becomes overfilled with contaminated water and begins to fail, causing seepage and unpleasant odors that require immediate attention.

A better way to manage wastewater disposal

By introducing oxygen into the septic tank environment, homeowners can encourage the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria. These helpful microbes depend on oxygen to survive and can increase the efficiency of decomposition. Anaerobic bacteria typically can only cleanse about 30 to 40 percent of the wastewater present in the system; by contrast, an aerobic septic system is capable of cleansing up to 90 percent of water volume. This reduces the stress on the septic drainfield and ensures that the water leaving the septic system is cleaner and more healthful for the environment.

Advantages of aerobic systems

The increased efficiency of aerobic bacteria in the septic environment can help homeowners avoid expensive repairs. Additionally, aerobic bacteria do not produce the dangerous gases and unpleasant odors often associated with anaerobic septic tanks. This can increase the value of the property and protect the environment from these hazardous emissions. Aerobic systems are a green-friendly solution that works with the existing septic tank to reduce the chance of failure for these wastewater treatment systems.

Remediation for failing septic tanks

Aerobic systems like those sold by Aero-Stream are ideal for remediating failing septic systems. By introducing oxygen into the existing system, these methods allow aerobic bacteria to break down impurities and solid waste more rapidly. This higher level of efficiency enables the system to process wastewater faster and allows it to pass through the drainfield more rapidly. This reduces the stress on the septic tank, allowing it to function properly. Aerobic systems contain no harsh chemicals or dangerous additives, making them a green-friendly solution for managing wastewater and restoring proper function to the household septic system.

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