Septic Problems – Malibu Homeowner May Lose Property

A malfunctioning septic system was responsible for the closure of a Malibu beach and could cost one Los Angeles County homeowner the right to their property. The beach, located at 19830 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, was closed from June 13-19, 2013, as county officials attempted to locate the source and severity of a sewage spill that had contaminated the water and sand in the area. The spill was eventually traced to a private home in the area. Sometimes sophisticated technology is being used to identify the source of the sewage. The home in question was red-tagged by the City of Malibu, indicating that it is no longer safe for habitation. Unless the septic problems are remediated, the property may be condemned and demolished in the interest of public health and safety.

Many areas cracking down on septic problems and failures

Most signs of septic problems do not involve the dramatic consequences or environmental impact of the Malibu story. However, ignoring minor septic problems may cost homeowners big in the long septic problemsrun; failed septic systems and sewage spills can lead to increased inspections and oversight on the local or county level. In some cases, homeowners have been required to replace their septic tank systems. This can often cost thousands of dollars and may require ongoing inspection fees for the life of the system. For most homeowners, taking steps early to increase the efficiency of the tank can be a cost-effective way to avoid replacement expenses, inspection fees and unwanted intrusions by local health departments and environmental protection authorities.

A simpler solution for septic problems

Homeowners can often boost the efficiency of waste treatment inside their septic systems by incorporating a septic aerator into the tank. Septic aeration systems increase the treatment capacity of the existing system by introducing oxygen and aerobic bacteria into these closed tanks. Aerobic bacterial decomposition is many times faster and more efficient than that performed by the anaerobic bacterial colonies that live in most septic systems. As a result, biomat and organic waste build-up inside the tank can be processed more quickly to reduce the chance of septic tank problems, including overflows and system back-ups.

Septic aeration systems like those sold by Aero-Stream provide real value for homeowners in protecting the value of their property and reducing the risk of serious septic problems. By adding an advanced aerator at the first sign of trouble, property owners can improve the overall function of their septic systems to remediate septic problems and avoid the worst case scenario with city or county officials in their area.

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