Septic System Cost Analysis – Explore Your Options When Your Septic System Fails

Understanding Septic System Repairs

Septic system cost shock you? If you’re facing a complete septic system replacement you’re at the right place. Learn how to deal with this expensive and stressful situation. Contrary to what you may have been told, there is an affordable alternative to replacing your septic system when it fails. Aero-Stream’s® patented septic remediation system can restore a failed system without costly excavation and landscaping expenses.

  • The average septic system replacement cost ranges from $6,000 to $50,000 including financing.
  • Up to 50% of the replacement septic system cost is profit for the installer, therefore our solution is rarely mentioned.
  • Most regulators are risk averse and avoid breakthrough technology.
  • On average septic system failure occurs every 15 years!
  • There is a huge cost difference between an aerobic septic system vs. anaerobic septic system.
  • Aerobic conversion of failed septic systems rejuvenates and extends the life of the system – saving thousands of dollars!
  • Even if the regulators are forcing you to replace your system make sure this is the last time you do it!
  • Discover how Aero-Stream® can reduce your septic system cost by successfully executing a controlled aerobic conversion of your new or failing septic system for under $1700!
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Options to Repair a Failed Septic System

The cost to repair a septic system depends on if you choose a full system replacement or conversion from an anaerobic to an aerobic system with an Aero-Stream® product. 

Facts: Every anaerobic septic system has a finite service life. Anaerobic systems will need replacement about every 15 years during the service life of the home or dwelling.The majority of system failures are caused by the byproducts of the anaerobic biochemical process. One damaging byproduct is the clogging of the drain field by the biomat.Another damaging byproduct is concrete corrosion that begins with the creation of hydrogen sulfide gas.Converting an anaerobic septic system to an aerobic septic system can indefinitely extend the life of the system when combined with best practices.

hydrogen sulfide - Septic System Cost Analysis – Explore Your Options When Your Septic System Fails
Concrete riser breaking down from the corrosive effects of an anaerobic septic tank


The cost of septic system replacement depends on the type of system installed. Here are the average ranges:

  • Gravity fed drainfields of all types: $5,000 to $10,000, or an average of $7,500.
  • Mounds: $10,000 to $50,000, or an average of $30,000.
  • ATU’s: $10,000 to $15,000, or an average of $12,500.

The costs to install a new system are most often financed. For this analysis, an interest rate of 7% and a 15 year amortization period will be used. The landscaping costs vary wildly, so for this analysis, $1,000 is included to get the lawn or garden back to usable condition. The totals for the present value of the loan for each option plus the landscaping costs are:

  • Gravity fed drain fields: $7,500 principal + $4,634 interest + $1,000 landscaping costs = $13,134
  • Mounds: $30,000 principal + $18,537 interest + $1,000 landscaping costs = $49,537
  • ATU’s: $12,500 principal + $7224 interest + $1,000 landscaping costs = $21,224


Analysis of Aero-Stream Septic System Restoration

The cost of an Aero-Stream septic system restoration product is under $1,500 and there are no landscaping costs to consider.

The comparison is stark. You save thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands, of dollars when you choose Aero-Stream over system replacement.

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Maintenance costs are the same regardless if the system is aerobic or anaerobic. Maintenance costs are comprised mostly of septic tank pumping by a professional pumper or plumber.

The pumping frequency varies with each system, however, most systems require pumping every 3 to 4 years and many local health departments have more frequent pumping requirements. Furthermore, as a system nears its service life, pumping frequency often increases. Using the national averages, maintenance costs are as follows:

  • $210 (average cost to pump)/3.5 years (average pumping frequency) = $60/year or $5/month
  • The total cost for 15 years is: $900



You can dramatically lower your septic system cost of ownership if you choose an Aero-Stream septic system restoration product when your system fails.

Think about this: If your system fails after 15 years and you must finance a new system, you never eliminate a monthly loan payment. But, if you choose to remediate and save your failed septic system by installing an Aero-Stream® product, the only reoccurring expense after the purchase would be the pumping fees – you save thousands of dollars.

By installing a patented Aero-Stream® product, a successful, controlled conversion of your septic system from an anaerobic to an aerobic biochemical process can be executed. You will virtually eliminate the most common causes of septic system failure while increasing the life expectancy of your septic system indefinitely and saving yourself thousands of dollars.

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The Septic System Owners Manual

Nobody plans for the expense of having septic tank problems. Whether your septic system is new or failing, this manual is a must read for any homeowner.Understand the causes and discover the solutions to your septic system and septic tank problems.