Septic System Maintenance Hacks

Wow! You’re leaving your small apartment for a home in the suburbs. You are a new member of the community of 1/4 of all American homeowners who privately treat their wastewater. In other words, you not only own a home, you also own a septic tank and a septic system.

As a city dweller, you most likely don’t know much about septic tanks. The very first thing you need to know is that there is absolutely no scientific proof that any septic tank additive works. You need to know this as many stores and even unscrupulous septic system services will try to separate you from your money by insisting that they have a “proven” septic tank additive. Frankly, they are either seriously misinformed or liars and thieves.

In fact, university and government research suggest that using additives may actually damage your septic tank and lead to an early and very expensive replacement of your septic tank. It is well documented that septic system replacements can cost more than $15 thousand depending on family size, water use habits and local codes. Some codes have strict soil tests that almost always force the homeowner to install a mound system, a very expensive option that can cost more than $30 thousand to install!

However, there is mechanical product that will help maintain and restore failed and failing septic systems. It is an affordable and easy to installed controlled aeration system manufactured by Aero-Stream. This device introduces dissolved oxygen into the water in a controlled manner, enriching the environment for naturally occurring aerobic bacteria that consume and reduce the amount of solid organic wastes found in septic systems. It comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee and it will not damage your septic tank system. The only thing it adds to the system is a carefully controlled and continuous amount of dissolved oxygen.

Harsh inorganic or organic chemicals can eat at the materials within the structure of your septic system causing early failure. Additionally, the use of inorganic or organic substances may actually reduce the effectiveness of the naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria in processing the organic waste. Additionally, these additives can leak and migrate into the groundwater, causing contamination.

Bacterial and enzymes septic system additives have been studied extensively with no proof that they contribute anything to your septic system’s ability to process waste. The only contribution that they are known to provide is to the manufacturer’s and seller’s bank account. With over 1200 brands and products for sale in the United States as septic tank additives you will be inundated with advertisements with extraordinary claims. Don’t be fooled, if you want to make sure your septic tank functions as it should, don’t use additives, use an Aero-Stream device.

According to a West Virginia University study (, more than 40 years of research has failed to prove that any additive to a septic tank system results in any beneficial results. In fact, West Virginia University flatly states that septic system additives are unneeded for maintenance of a septic system and that periodic pumping and septic system best practices are all that most systems need to function normally. When a system shows signs of failure, don’t waste time and money on septic system additives. Instead, call Aero-Stream.

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