Septic System Remediation: A Step-By-Step Approach

Septic systems rarely take up much time or attention when they are performing well. It is only when they begin to show signs of breakdown or fail to process waste products efficiently that they become a topic for discussion or a cause for concern. By the time these symptoms become obvious, unfortunately, the septic tank system may already be in the process of failure. Prompt remediation is necessary in order to save these failing systems and should be approached in a systematic way in order to achieve the most effective results.

1. Problem Identification. The problems can range from the inlet or outlet pipe being clogged, broken or filled with roots. If the tank is overfilled it may need to be pumped before the problem can be identified. If there is pooling sewage around the tank this would indicate that there is an issue with a clogged outlet filter, clogged outlet pipe or a drainfield that is not taking the daily flow rate. The field may not be taking the daily flow rate because the drainfield is failed or failing. If you find pooling sewage in the drainfield area it is most likely a failed or failing drainfield. Call Aero-Stream to assist in identifying the issue. We have septic experts available to pinpoint the problem.

2. Once the issue is identified have the repairs done by a competent plumber or service provider. If pumping the tank seems to alleviate the problem this may be temporary. Keep a close eye on the system and pay attention to tank levels. Slow flowing drains and gurgling pipes are early signs that the tank level is high again. If pumping the tank is required a 2nd time inless than 3 years this is an indication that the drainfield is failing. The pumping frequency will continue to increase. When the tank is pumped, have the service provider inspect the inlet and outlet baffles. Have them listen for water running back from the field or cracks in the tank allowing surface water to enter the tank.

3. Convert the passive anaerobic system to an active aerobic septic system. The can be accomplished in an hour or less. Aero-Stream offers a septic system repaircomplete line of aerobic remediation systems. Our systems are guaranteed to resolve your septic system problems. The aerobic bacteria will quickly clean the wastewater in the tank and starve the bio-mat of a food source. The bio-mat will die  and become permeable again returning your system to like-new condition.

Once the immediate issues have been resolved, homeowners can often prevent future problems by performing regular maintenance on the septic system and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals in and around the home. Antibacterial compounds and bleach should never be introduced into the septic tank system. These substances can kill both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria and prevent them from breaking down impurities and solid waste. Reducing water usage by installing low-flow toilets, showers and faucets can also have a significant impact on the efficiency of the septic system. These simple steps can often add years to the life of aging septic tanks and reduce the likelihood of costly septic system failures.

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