Septic Tank Issues Blamed for Alabama Evictions

Residents of the Pleasure Point Park and Marina development have until the end of June to vacate their homes after Alabama Power refused to renew the lease agreement with Pleasure Point management for the new fiscal year.

Septic system failures within the development are blamed for the company’s action, which comes after Alabama Power was contacted by the Department of Health for the state regarding code violations in the Pleasure Point community.

According to state officials, a number of septic systems had failed within the development, drawing the attention of environmental experts and other regulatory officials within the Alabama State Department of Health. Upon closer inspection, state code violations involving the direct discharge of grey water from washers, sinks and other plumbing fixtures into nearby Lake Martin and improper tie-ins to septic tanks led to Alabama Power’s decision not to renew the lease.

Despite Resident Efforts, Evictions Still Planned

Tenants of the Pleasure Point Park and Marina lake side development have been given approximately six months to vacate their homes; the cut-off date has been set for June 30, 2014. Residents of the community have offered to renovate the existing septic system at their own expense. Alabama Power has rejected this offer, however, stating that the proposal is not viable and will not address the underlying problems currently present in the Pleasure Point infrastructure. The power company has offered to trim trees and to offer dumpster services to allow residents to manage their move more efficiently. Residents are currently discussing their options with attorneys in the area and may pursue legal action against Alabama Power in an effort to save their homes.

Shutdown and Eviction Could Have Been Avoided

Several failed septic systems were responsible for initially attracting the attention of the Alabama State Department of Health. If these septic tank problems had been addressed promptly by homeowners or by the Pleasure Point Management team, the escalation of the situation might not have occurred and residents of the community might not have been threatened with eviction in the first place. A simple septic aerator system can often boost the efficiency of these waste water treatment systems and restore proper function to failing septic tanks and drain fields.

As state health and environmental agencies become more concerned regarding the effects of failing septic systems on waterways, the value of septic aeration systems continues to grow. These advanced septic solutions can help homeowners avoid regulatory entanglements and can provide improved functionality for home and community waste water management systems.

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