Why should you consider installing a septic tank riser? A  septic tank riser will make it much more convenient when it is time to maintain your septic tank. You’ll save time and money. If you dig up the cover for septic tank pumping you won’t need to do this back breaking chore. If you rely on your pumper to dig it up your pumping bill will be less as they will spend less time at your home. Some states even offer a septic tank riser riser rebate http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehrp/pdf/RiserRebateWeb.pdf septic tank riser riser rebate to reduce cost to homeowners.

Components of a Septic Tank Riser

Modern and durable septic tank risers are actually an assembly of several key components. They are the adapter flange, the riser ring, the sealed cover, the cover fasteners, the adapter flange mounting screws and the adapter flange sealing gaskets.

The adapter flange is a durable high density polyethylene plastic part. It has a square outer shape that measures about 30″ x 30″. In the center of the flange is a 24″ diameter opening with a lip to attach the riser ring to. The butyl rubber gasket to seal the adapter flange to the top of the septic tank is included in our kits and creates a watertight seal.

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Septic Tank Riser Components. The NEW Standard is Safety – All Aero-Stream Risers Kits include our Patent Pending Safety Barrier!

The septic tank riser ring is also made of high density polyethylene plastic. This part has a thick and  smooth inner wall measuring 24″ inside diameter. To provide strength and rigidity, the outside is about 27″ outside diameter and has ribbed geometry. This design provides a strong yet light weight component. The riser ring is available in many lengths ranging from about 7″ to 51″ in height to fit every application. Within the joint between the adapter flange and the riser ring is a butyl rubber gasket. This ensures a water-tight joint. These parts are attached to each other using stainless steel threaded fasteners.

The septic tank riser cover is molded of grass green high density polyethylene plastic. The material has a special compound within the plastic to prevent UV degradation from the sunlight. It is a double wall construction. This provides a strong and lightweight design. The cover is designed to handle foot traffic and should not be used in areas where vehicle traffic is present. The cover features a watertight gasket between the riser ring and the cover. The cover is secured to the ring using stainless steel threaded fasteners.

Septic system ownership is cost is high. We strongly encourage that you educate yourself as much as possible about your system and keep an eye on its’ condition regularly. Installing a septic tank riser is the best way to monitor your septic system.

Septic Tank Riser Installation

1.) Expose and clean a 32” x 32” square area on the top of your septic tank centered on the cleanout opening on the tank.
2.) Apply the butyl sealant rope in the groove of the base plate (Fig. 1) on edge with the white tape towards the inside of the riser (Fig. 2), overlapping and kneading the ends of the rope together (Fig. 3).

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3.) Remove the white tape from the sealant rope as discard the tape.
4.) Center the riser assembly on the tank clean-out opening and apply pressure around the perimeter of the base adapter flange above the sealant rope to compress sealant between the tank and the base flange.
5.) Drill (4) 5/32” diameter holes through the dimples at the four corners of the base flange at least 1 3/4” deep into the tank cover. If the tank in made of concrete, use a carbide tip masonry bit.
6.) Fasten the base plate to the tank using enclosed screws (Fig. 4).
7.) Backfill around riser with sand or washed stone to prevent movement from frost if applicable in your climate.
8.) Always re-install (4) screws and washers and tighten with appropriate driver tool to secure Riser Cover to Riser.

Watch How Easy it is to Install our Septic Tank Risers

Other Advantages of installing a Septic Tank Riser

Another advantage of installing a septic tank riser is the simplicity to install a remediation system from Aero-Stream . About 2-3” below the top edge of the riser  you will  drill a 5/8” hole through the septic tank riser pipe. The next step is to lower the diffuser assembly and bio-brush into the tank. You will then push the air line through the 5/8″ hole. After pulling the length of tubing through the hole you will connect the tubing to the barbed fitting on the bottom of the Aero-Stream aerobic generator unit. Install the septic tank riser cover and fasten the cover down with the screws. The whole process will take about an hour.