Septic Tank Trouble Threatens to Delay Start of School

Public schools are facing critical budget shortages in many areas of the country. For Tiverton High School in Tiverton, Rhode Island, that financial stress was considerably worse this summer as school officials scrambled to ensure that a much-needed septic tank system replacement was in place by the first day of school this fall. The septic system serves an elementary school as well as the junior and senior high school within the educational complex. The replacement was ordered after inspections by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management showed signs of imminent failure and leakage from the existing system.

A Costly Proposition for Local Schools

The school district initially planned for and budgeted $400,000 to manage the replacement costs for the new septic system. When bids were solicited, however, the winning bid came in at $655,000, more than one-third higher than school administrators had estimated. Rather than take out loans for the remainder of the costs, the school district opted to use money from its reserve fund to ensure that the Tiverton septic system project was completed on time and to state specifications.

An Ironclad Deadline for Completion

Another factor complicating the situation for Tiverton High School was the established date for the first day of school of August 29, 2013, which represented a fixed point by which all renovations and replacement activities had to be completed. This created a real sense of urgency in speeding the process along and ensuring that the project stayed on schedule throughout the summer. Fortunately, the entire project was completed by the first day of school and students returned to classes with fully functional restrooms and water drainage systems. The costs related to this necessary expenditure, however, are likely to be felt within the Tiverton school district for some time to come.

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