Installation of a septic tank risers is a highly recommended feature for your septic system. A septic tank riser will facilitate easy maintenance and monitoring of your septic system making it much more convenient and easier.

Septic Tank Risers will Lower Your Septic System Cost

Most states in the US require that approved septic tank risers be installed on upgraded or new septic system. Unlike many governmental mandates, this requirement actually has benefits. One of the most expensive mechanical features is your septic system on your property. It is also one of the least understood and least monitored system that is on your property.  Your septic system is “out of sight and out of mind” without a septic tank risers.

Unfortunately, this mentality can cost you a lot of money down the road. The average septic system cost in the US is about $15,000. The average septic system life expectancy in the US is 15 – 20 years. If you add on the interest cost to the $15,000 and divide the amount by how long the system will last, your septic system is costing you more than $1,000 a year to own.

Because of the cost associated with septic system ownership we strongly recommend that you learn as much as you can about it and monitor its performance regularly. The best way to monitor your septic system is by adding septic tank risers.

Advantages of Septic Tank Risers

Visual Benefits

Old Concrete septic tank riser e1345560208918 - The Importance of Septic Tank Risers

Concrete Septic Tank Riser

The first benefit of a septic tank riser is the visual aspect. You’ll be reminded that you have a septic tank  every time you see the riser cover. This will keep this fact regularly on your mind. Many people don’t like the thought of the septic tank risers being visible in their yard because the old style concrete covers are not aesthetically pleasing. Modern septic tank risers and covers are much more attractive, blend with the surroundings and are easier to install.

Weighing hundreds of pounds, old style concrete septic tank riser rings are difficult to work with. These concrete covers tip the scales at 60 – 80 lbs. Discouraged by the weight, many people refuse to do inspection on the systems.

Modern plastic septic tank riser rings are much easier to work with because they only weigh less than 30 pounds. Installation and servicing with a plastic cover is much easier because the cover weighs less than 10 pounds.

Modern Septic Tank Risers Seal Surface Water

Modern Septic Tank Riser e1345560115662 - The Importance of Septic Tank Risers

Modern Septic Tank Riser

The modern septic tank riser has advantages in that they are much simpler to prevent water from entering the tank because of their superior seal. Outdated concrete riser rings do not have any gasket. They allow surface water to freely flow between the tank and the riser ring and riser ring and the cover.

Well designed plastic risers have a butyl rubber seal between the septic tank and the base flange making them watertight. Using a molded rubber seal in the joint between the riser ring and the cover surface water cannot penetrate the system. Aero-Stream riser covers are secure. The lid is secured with tamperproof threaded fasteners to prevent small children from curiously tampering with the cover. Our septic tank risers also come standard with a secondary safety barrier to avoid the risk of children, pets and service workers from falling into the septic tank.

How to Inspect Your Septic Tank

We recommend that the septic tank be inspected visually about every 6 months. To perform the inspection, simply remove the septic tank riser cover. With the cover removed, observe the water level height in the tank. A typical water level height is about 6” to 8” below the inside of the tank cover. This means there should be 6” – 8” of air space above the water.

Depending on the location of the clean-out cover location on your tank you may be able to see the inlet or outlet baffle of the septic tank. If you can observe the inlet baffle (nearest to the house) the normal water level should be 3” – 4” below the bottom of the horizontal pipe.

If you can observe the outlet baffle (nearest to the drainfield) the normal water level should be even with the bottom of the pipe or at most ¼” deep in the pipe. If the tank levels are elevated, this is an indicator that the drainfield is not functioning properly.

Other Benefits of Septic Tank Risers

Another benefit of adding a septic tank riser is that adding a Aero-Stream Remediation System will be very simple. First remove the riser cover, lower the diffuser assembly and bio-brush into the tank, drill a 5/8” hole through the plastic septic tank riser about 2-3” below the surface. Push the airline through the drilled hole and connect to the Aero-Stream aerobic generator unit. Done.

Easy, Fast & Efficient!

Learn more about Aero-Stream’s Riser Kits to see how you can benefit from the Aero-Stream solution. Buy one today and make servicing and inspecting your tank easier!

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