The Versatility of Natures Disinfectant – Ozone

The History of Ozone

Did you know that Ozone has been used in Europe since 1903 to purify drinking water and is currently being used in the United States for water purification? In fact it was added to Milwaukee County after the 1993 Cryptosporidiosis epidemic in which 69 deaths and an estimated 403,000 were sickened in the County. They are now in the process of updating that system which you can learn more about in this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.

Ozone is Beneficial

Some people may think Ozone is the smog in the air created by automobiles and Industrial buildings; but those people are ill-informed. Ozone - Natures CleanerOzone is completely natural and is the second only to fluorine as the most powerful oxidant in the world. It is the most powerful water sanitizer readily available. It inactivates bacteria and virus at a bacterial kill rate 3,125 times faster than chlorine. The power of Ozone is unsurpassed as a germicide; it will destroy all pathogenic and saprophytic microbes in water. Unlike chlorine, Ozone does not produce trihalomethanes or chloroforms. Chlorine can be blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide. The action of Ozone gas in water is instantaneous and after performing its job, returns to its original form of oxygen.

Did you know there are products that use this science to purify water for home use? They are called Aero-Pure and Aero-Spa! Aero-Spa can be used specifically for your Hot tub, which can save you an average of $600 on chemicals every year. Aero-Pure can be used for multiple uses.

Typical Ozone Generator Applications

• Waste water polishing and disinfection
• Grey water clarification and disinfection (non-potable)
• Pond water clarification
• Swimming pool water clarification and disinfection
• Hot tub water clarification and disinfection
• Cistern and holding tank water clarification and disinfection (non-potable)
• Recover and recycle water clarification and disinfection (non-potable)
• Organic odor elimination in air
• Deodorize buildings, autos, RV’s, boats, buses
• Deodorize sporting gear e.g. football, hockey, lacrosse, etc.

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