Septic System Problems? Why Tolerate Them!

People will tolerate septic system problems for a long time.  Why do they do it, especially with a low cost and proven alternative readily available?

Too Expensive to Resolve Septic System Problems

Many people put off fixing a septic system problem because they can not afford the cost of what the industry “experts” have recommended for a solution: system replacement. Well, who can blame them? With the economy in such dire straights and the outlook unsure, it is understandable why people are fiscally conservative and unwilling to spend thousands of dollars to replace their septic system. In some unfortunate cases, people have been out of work for so long they are exhausting retirement funds. In short, many people just don’t have the money or are unwilling to incur more debt to fix their septic system problems.

As unbelievable as this sounds, other people procrastinate and put off fixing their septic system problems. They are probably very busy at work or with family activities or other issues and, at the end of the day, are just too tired to deal with the contractors to replace their system. Instead, they develop a coping strategy and practice water conservation by limiting laundry loads, showers, etc. In fact, many practice this coping strategy for so long that the septic problem becomes a household norm and lifestyles have changed to accommodate it. Unless the system completely fails and backs up into the house, they will continue to adjust their behavior to deal with the situation.

Too Much Damage to Resolve Septic System Problems

Still other people are afraid to deal with the septic system problems because of the invasive nature of septic system replacement. When a septic system is replaced, there are permits and inspections required, each costing money and, potentially, opening up other issues for the homeowner to deal with. These government requirements have gotten more costly and stringent over time and show no signs of abating. As long as no in the neighborhood complains about the problem, people are relieved to keep the regulators out of their life.

The Inexpensive and Non-invasive Solution for Septic System Problems

If only people knew that there is a solution that costs a fraction of system replacement, they could fix their septic system problems and remove one source stress in their lives. This solution retrofits into existing systems; no upgrades, excavation, inspections or landscaping required. It installs very quickly and starts working immediately with noticeable results in a few weeks.

People with septic system problems don’t have to change the way they live to accommodate the problem. They can solve it quickly, affordably and without replacing their system.

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