Are You Being Forced To Replace Your Septic System?

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are dealing with a failing or failed septic system and are seeking solutions to your serious and expensive problem. Signs of failure range from gurgling pipes to sewage on the surface of the ground. You may have some telling conditions reported to you by your septic tank pumper such as elevated or high water levels in the tank or water running back from the septic system drainfield after it has been pumped.

All of these are very common problems associated with septic system failure. These problems can be eliminated by controlled conversion of your passive anaerobic septic system to an active aerobic environment. Unfortunately, this cost effective solution is not well known and many homeowners needlessly replace their septic systems.

One common issue with failing septic systems is the archaic government regulations. When the regulators learn about a failing septic system, most are required to issue a corrective action demand. In most cases homeowners are forced to replace their septic system because it is deemed a health hazard. So, if you procrastinate in taking action when you first experience septic system problems, it is highly likely that you will be forced into replacing your septic system.

On the other hand, many regulations promote homeowners to perform preventative maintenance on your system. The most common preventative maintenance activity is to regularly pump your septic tank. While it is imperative that regular pumping be performed, it will have no dramatic effects on extending the design life of your septic system. Regular pumping will only prevent premature failure. It will not extend the septic system service life beyond the average life of 15 – 20 years.

The best preventative maintenance that can be performed on your septic system is the controlled conversion from an anaerobic environment to an active aerobic environment. Unfortunately, most homeowners wait too long before addressing septic system failure. Over time, the problems become more intense. A failing septic system will create a health hazard for the family, the neighbors and the environment. Sooner than later, the local health department “catches wind” of sewage surfacing from your septic system and then they must issue the repair order.

Do yourself, your family and the environment a huge favor! Perform regular maintenance on your septic system by having your tank pumped regularly and installing the solution that retrofits into existing systems; no upgrades, excavation, inspections or landscaping required. It installs very quickly and starts working immediately with noticeable results in a few weeks.

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