The Cost of Installing and Owning a Septic System

Have you ever considered how much you have invested in your septic system? Have you ever considered that your septic system has a finite life (without the implementation of an Aero-Stream® septic restoration product, of course)?

These are questions most people never consider. If you do some thinking and calculating, however, you would be surprised at the initial cash outlay for construction and think very differently about how you use this subterranean asset.

Septic tank installation

Let’s consider the case of people building a new home that requires a gravity fed septic system. The septic system installation costs are typically financed along with the other costs of home construction. Let’s assume the new system costs $10,000 and you will finance 100% of this cost through your mortgage. Let’s also assume you have a 15 year mortgage and your interest rate is 6%. This means that $84.39 of your total mortgage payment is related to your new septic system. Every year for 15 years, you pay $1,012 for the right to use your septic system. This is much more expensive than most municipalities charge for sewer in one year. Over 15 years, the total is $15,189!

Pumping septic tank

Now let’s assume the life expectancy of an average gravity fed septic system is 15 years (this maybe a little on the conservative side, but the math is easier if this assumption is made). If you don’t use an Aero-Stream® septic restoration product to indefinitely extend the life of your septic system, you will need to spend $15,189 (without including inflation) every 15 years to install a new system!

At this point, pumping fees also come into the equation. In the early years of a new system, these are not overwhelming. As the system ages, however, these expenses become punitive as the frequency increases. Pumping frequencies and costs vary from system to system and state to state. We are interested in hearing how old is your system, how often do you have to have it pumped and how much do you pay for each pumping?

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