Five Ways to Avoid the Cost of Septic System Replacement

Reducing unnecessary strain on your septic system can provide you with added years of service from your existing installation and prevent serious septic tank problems that may damage your landscaping or cost you thousands of dollars in remediation treatments. Here are five relatively low-cost ways you can significantly improve the performance of your septic tank and extend the life of your system.

Fix that drip

Dripping faucets and leaks can seriously overtax your septic tank, leading to the following problems:

  • Backups and slow drainage
  • Areas of standing water over or near the tank
  • The need for frequent pumping to maintain proper function

By fixing these problems quickly and reducing your household’s overall level of water consumption, you can avoid overloading your tank with water and improve the overall function of this vital household system.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Bleach, antibacterial soap and other cleansers may do a good job of removing grease and stains from household surfaces and clothes. However, these harsh chemical compounds can destroy necessary bacteria in your septic tank and reduce the efficiency with which these bacteria can break down solid wastes and particulate matter in these systems. Choosing less damaging chemical formulations can preserve the function of these beneficial bacteria and improve the overall efficiency of your septic system.

Add a little fresh air to the equation

Aerobic bacteria are far more efficient than their anaerobic counterparts. In addition, aerobic bacteria produce no dangerous gases or offensive odors. Unfortunately, the typical septic tank arrangement does not allow for the growth of aerobic bacteria, as it constitutes a nearly airtight arrangement with no ready access to oxygen. A septic aerator like those sold by Aero-Stream can help to encourage the growth of aerobic bacteria within the tank and provide a more efficient method of decomposition and remediation for particulate matter in the septic system environment.

Pump regularly

Even for septic systems in good condition, regular pumping and maintenance can provide added years of life and produce improved efficiency in breaking down solid waste and returning water safely to the environment. Maintaining the septic tank system properly can prevent major problems from going unnoticed and may allow you to avoid the significant costs of replacement for these important home systems.

Act fast

In many cases, the early signs of septic tank failure may go unnoticed until they reach critical levels. By taking steps to address these symptoms as soon as they appear, you can often limit the damage and reduce the costs of repair, allowing you to avoid the risk of total septic system failure.

If your septic system does fail, you may end up with replacement costs in the thousands of dollars. Worse yet, local and state regulations may require you to install additional equipment and pay for annual inspections in order to continue using these systems. By taking steps now to prevent failure of your system, you can avoid these costs and keep your current septic tank working and healthy for many years to come.

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