How to Make a Rental Feel Like Your Home

When you’re renting a house, you may feel as though the space isn’t really yours. Luckily, there are options available to help you to make the place your own, without stepping on your landlord’s ownership or altering the property too much. Here are a few ideas to make your new rental feel like home.


Repainting a room is a common renovation, but when you rent, you may not have that freedom. In some rental situations, your landlord may permit you to repaint while you’re there. If your landlord does agree to let you paint, you’ll probably have to repaint the walls back to their original color when you move out.  Paint is one of the least expensive home improvement options that create the largest change in atmosphere.  Alter the mood and style of your rental home with a great new color.

Painting Walls in Rental House

Temporary Wallpaper

If your landlord doesn’t permit painting, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the colors that he or she has chosen. Temporary wallpaper is a unique way to cover the walls without making a permanent change.

You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, which will allow you to create virtually any look. The adhesive application makes it easy to remove, which is convenient if you decide to move.

Hanging Wallpaper in Rental House

Fixtures and Hardware

As a renter, you’ll typically have very little (if any) say in the color of the kitchen cabinets, hardware, and fixtures throughout the house. You can still add a personal touch to them by changing the drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and other fixtures. Keep all of the existing hardware to replace everything if you move out.

Installing upgraded hardware in Rental House


If you’re moving into a rental from previously owning a home, you may already own appliances. Talk to your landlord about the possibility of putting the existing appliances in storage so that you can use your own.

If you own a refrigerator or washer and dryer this is a quick way to make your kitchen and laundry room feel like yours, while also putting good use to your expensive appliances – rather than sitting in storage.

Install new appliances in Rental House

Maintenance and Repairs

If the home is in need of repairs, consider offering to do them yourself in exchange for a reduction on your rent. It could save your landlord money and time while allowing you to put your own personal touches on the home. Just be prepared to provide receipts for all of the associated expenses and be sure to work closely with your landlord on any major renovations.

Install new tile floors in Rental House

These simple, yet potentially inexpensive options will help you to make your rental home feel like your space – for the temporary or long term.

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