Is your Septic System Permanent?

If you ask 100 people that own a septic system if they believe their septic system is permanent, 99 of 100 will say “Well, yes, of course”. The reason for this answer is that most homeowners lack a basic knowledge and understanding about this very important and expensive asset.

The root of the problem is that the industry experts rarely, if ever, talk about the finite life of an anaerobic septic system with a homeowner. This is unfortunate as there are plenty of opportunities for them to educate the homeowner. Let’s look at a couple of hypothetical examples.

Example #1:

Do you think a septic system installer ever told a homeowner the following?

We just finished up installing your new septic system and here is your bill for our work. We did an excellent job and everything went better than planned. I’ll be giving you a call in about 15 years because this new system will be shot and we’ll have to come back and tear up your entire back yard and replace all of this stuff.

Can you imagine the look on the face of the homeowner as they are writing out the $15,000 check to pay for the new septic system?

Example #2:

What if you are at the meeting to close the loan for the home of your dreams. The home is rather expensive and you’re stretching yourself thin to afford the mortgage payment. You’re signing and initialing the multitudes of documents. After all of the mortgage documents are signed, the loan officer slides another stack of papers across the table and says:

You know, this house you just purchased is 15 years old and so is the septic system. Based on the age of the septic system, you will need to replace it soon. These documents are for a 2nd mortgage of $20,000. We carefully chose this amount because our experience shows that this amount will cover the typical septic system replacement cost.

Please don’t use this money for anything else because it is not a matter of if your septic system will fail, but when. You should start socking away some extra savings as well because if you have to put in a more expensive septic system, such as a mound system, you’ll need up to $40,000.

The couple looks at one another and asks each other, “Is this true? Why didn’t you tell me this? No one ever told me about this!”

Well, we know these examples will not become reality any time soon. That is why our mission is to educate homeowners about their septic system. Along with education, we can provide a solution that WILL make your septic system as “permanent” as reasonably possible. If your existing septic system is converted to an aerobic environment through carefully executed aeration, the septic system will not fail. In fact, even if it is well into failure mode, it can be restored to function like it did when it was new without digging it up and replacing it.

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