Septic Tank System Maintenance With Aero-Stream

You can count on Aero-Stream® to provide innovative solutions for septic tank maintenance. CEO and President Karl Holt used his engineering background to create products that use less power and produce cleaner water. To get a better understanding of how a septic tank system works, and how the Aero-Stream® system can provide you with optimal maintenance, we’ll need to dive a little deeper into each component of a septic system and the different types.

Septic Systems are Divided Into Three Parts


Learn How a Septic System Works and How it Fails

First waste water travels through an inlet pipe into a septic tank where the heavier solids settle to the bottom and the lighter solids and waste water then float to the top. The water then exits through a drain field located on the opposite end where it can be treated by the natural soil system. Septic tank risers lead to the yard’s surface to allow for routine maintenance.

Conventional and Alternative Septic Systems

Conventional septic system setups rely on gravity or pumps to move material through the tank into the drain field, while alternative systems use elements based in nature, including bio-organisms or sand to filter out debris.

How Does a Septic System Fail?

When septic systems lack oxygen, a thin black film develops on the surface of the septic water called biomat. This material eventually covers and seals the ground and sidewall areas of the drain field. When more water gets collected it does not drain properly and system failure occurs. Septic system failure can lead to ponding, foul smells and problems with toilets and drains.

Over time toxic materials take their toll on system operations. Inorganic materials also contribute to system damage. More often than not additives and bacterial solutions available to consumers prove ineffective in septic system maintenance and restoration.

The Aero-Stream® Solution

Aero-Stream’s Controlled Septic Aerator™ injects oxygen into the septic system which allows additional organisms called aerobic bacteria that feed on biomat – reducing the amount of sludge that builds up over time. Through starvation and elimination, septic tanks can return to fully operational status within a matter of weeks.

The Aero-Stream® system is comprised of four components. Diffusers transfer oxygen into the septic tank while the exclusive and patented Bio Brush™ provides a surface for aerobic bacteria growth. Effluent Filters trap debris and prevent the outlet pipe from clogging. The Aero-Stream® unit is certified by Underwriters Laboratories and cost pennies to operate. See the septic aerator comparison to learn how the Aero-Stream® system can add greater efficiency to your system.

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