What Does a New Septic System Cost?

To most people, septic system cost is never really considered unless they are building a new home in an area not serviced by a municipal sewer system.

New drainfield construction

Even at that time, they are most likely distracted with many other decisions of the building process.While the septic system cost is one of the largest single expenditures of the project, it gets little attention because most likely the contractor will not offer any options to consider.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, most new septic systems are designed to fail because they use an anaerobic bio-chemical process.

The uninformed homeowner will never really know the true septic system cost until it inevitably fails in about 15 years! At this point, the unsuspecting homeowner has many questions when they receive the estimate to replace their system for tens of thousands of dollars!

The true septic system cost is dependent on many factors such as:

  • the type of system for your site
  • the amount of damage/re-landscaping required
  • and, the most often forgotten factor, the financing cost.

To simplify the financing cost explanation, we will discuss average yearly finance costs for septic system replacement across the U.S. If you are fortunate, your septic system finance costs will be limited to about $875/year. If you are less fortunate, these costs can easily escalate to over $3,300/year. Because the average life of a septic system and the average life of a loan are both 15 years, the finance cost is an ongoing annual expenditure for the life of the home.

If these numbers are news to you, you’re not alone. Every year, millions of septic systems are replaced unnecessarily.

How do you avoid replacing your septic system? Very simply, you maintain it properly. Just like the siding on your home, when it shows signs of weathering you paint it. Or, when the mechanic tells you to bring your car in for an oil change and lube you make the appointment and get things taken care of.

Your septic system is no different. The best way to minimize your septic system costs is properly maintaining the one you have. This includes regular pumping (every 3 – 5 years) and converting it to an aerobic bio-chemical process. This is easy to do with the patented and proven Aero-Stream Remediation process. In about an hour the Aero-Stream system can be installed and you will be on your way to avoiding future expensive problems!

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