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New California Regulations Target Septic Tank Systems

California’s State Water Resources Control Board recently revised the statutes governing onsite wastewater treatment systems, more commonly known as septic tanks. These new rules are intended to provide added guidance for homeowners, home builders and septic tank repair companies in managing the installation and upkeep of these household waste treatment systems. Existing septic tank systems…

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Septic Tank Trouble Threatens to Delay Start of School

Public schools are facing critical budget shortages in many areas of the country. For Tiverton High School in Tiverton, Rhode Island, that financial stress was considerably worse this summer as school officials scrambled to ensure that a much-needed septic tank system replacement was in place by the first day of school this fall. The septic…

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Septic System Issues Cause Conflict between Neighbors in York, Maine

A failing septic tank system is creating legal issues and neighborhood conflicts for one resident of York, Maine. In July of 2013, the septic tank system belonging to John Parkhurst developed a leak and spilled effluent over the surface of his property. The raw sewage quickly spread downhill to encroach upon land belonging to Parkhurst’s…

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Septic System Failure Not Just a Residential Concern

Failing septic systems are not solely the province of homeowners. Washington County Public Works in Stillwater Township, Minnesota, is currently weighing options on how to deal with a flooded drain field and a failing septic tank at one of their field offices. Portable toilets have been deployed as a temporary measure, but the county has…

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Small Businesses at Risk for Septic Tank Issues Too

Although home systems account for the largest percentage of septic tank installations across the U.S., businesses are also at risk for serious problems that affect these waste treatment systems. A Circle K gas station in Louisville, Kentucky, was recently cited by the local health department for septic system failure after patrons noticed a pool of…

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