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Septic Tank System Maintenance With Aero-Stream

You can count on Aero-Stream® to provide innovative solutions for septic tank maintenance. CEO and President Karl Holt used his engineering background to create products that use less power and produce cleaner water. To get a better understanding of how a septic tank system works, and how the Aero-Stream® system can provide you with optimal…

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3 Tips to Spring Clean your Septic System

It has certainly been a harsh winter for many of us! Every time you turn on the news you see it…reports of record snowfalls and bone chilling temps. We’ve all become a little too familiar with winter this year which has most of us dreaming about spring. Well that dream isn’t to far off as…

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Septic Tank Issues Blamed for Alabama Evictions

Residents of the Pleasure Point Park and Marina development have until the end of June to vacate their homes after Alabama Power refused to renew the lease agreement with Pleasure Point management for the new fiscal year. Septic system failures within the development are blamed for the company’s action, which comes after Alabama Power was…

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Government Agencies Continue Focus on Malfunctioning Septic Systems

Local, state and federal environmental officials across the country are cracking down on homeowners with poorly functioning septic systems in efforts to prevent contamination of streams, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Some areas are offering matching funds and loans for repairs and remediation, while other counties are taking steps to enforce laws currently…

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