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Septic Tank Aeration

Introduction To Septic Tank Aeration Septic tank aeration is a way to improve the flow through your septic system and make it easier for waste to settle, which can both save you money on repairs and prevent backups. It’s simple enough that you can install it yourself with a remediation kit from Aero-Stream. As septic…

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Controlled Turbulence Aeration

Background for the Invention This invention relates to providing mixing and lift while restraining turbulent action for use in bodies of liquid.  In most existing older septic systems, for example, a single chamber (tank) is used for biodegradation and settling of solids.  Because there is little movement and little oxygen available the system is anaerobic…

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The Simple Solution and Proven Science the Wastewater industry Does not Want You to Know About

Conventional septic systems work in an environment without oxygen (anaerobic system), the natural aging process of that oxygen-free environment promotes the growth of a black sludge called biomat. Over time this growth seals and prevents the system from releasing water into the ground. Since the biomat survives and thrives without oxygen it also dies and…

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Septic Tank Riser Barrier | The New Industry Standard

SEPTIC TANK RISER ADAPTER FLANGE/INGRESS BARRIER BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The invention relates generally to the septic tank access ports installed in septic systems. Discussion of the Related Art In order to perform maintenance on septic tanks access ports, which are commonly referred to as tank risers or risers, are installed on the openings to…

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Cesspool Upgrade – Hawaii Act 125

Hawaii Act 125 requires that some 88,000 cesspools need to be upgraded by 2050.  In 2017 the Hawaii congress passed this law. The law has many questions surrounding it. Prioritizing which cesspool applications get upgraded and how the project is funded are some of the largest issues. There have been discussions for decades and the…

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